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Women today have stepped into the cut throat competition that the world is playing at. Now, you will find talented women in every sphere and arena and even acing in each of the fields they work in. We come across many names of such flourishing women every day and our desire to become one of

The Top Seven Chosen Career fields among Women of the 21st

It is often said that change is the only constant and if we are to take a good look at the graph presented in the books of history, the statement has never failed to stand tall. Let’s take the illustration of how the status of women has come to change. Throughout the years, you will

Gig Economy & Why is the Modern Indian Woman Loving it!

Women today are no less than their fellow counterparts in anything. Be it managing the house or handling their professional life, women are acing each and every field. There was once a time when women were believed to have no relation at all with economy and the terms related with it. However, with the turn


What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and How is it Affecting

Amazing words have been said by many great men throughout the centuries in terms of revolution. But the ones that have truly stuck around were said by Thomas Jefferson, who once quoted, “Every Generation needs a new Revolution.” And it has been, indeed, pretty long since the world saw a true revolution that brought about exceptional

Empowering Growth For

A decade earlier, women constituted to less than 15% of the corporate workforce but now there are significant women hires in Corporate India. The hiring is not limited only to HR or marketing roles but to fields like R&D, AI, Data Science etc. A transition has been observed as more and more women are taking

Creating a Women Friendly Ecosystem

A picture is worth a thousand words! The life of a working woman is full of varied challenges! But you would be happy to know that the team at Shework has been working tirelessly amidst the Covid19 outbreak and has successfully launched a platform that helps women professionals to get the job matching their talent and requirements. It is not only a platform to get

Shared Employment Platform by Shework

Covid 19 has completely changed the job scenario. There have been business losses, pay cuts and layoffs. To counter this problem, different companies in China are sharing their employees to effectively manage the human resources and cut down job losses. The details of these can be read here: In India, a young start-up

A Sneak Preview : Vision, Journey and Offerings!

The Covid19 crisis has completely changed the way we live and the corporate world is no longer an exception to it.The pandemic has resulted in massive business losses as well as job losses across the world. In order to sustain the Covid19 challenge, organisations are re-inventing themselves and pivoting their business models. Also, hiring has